First Edition Puzzel, hand made

**warning** if your name is marie, please don,t read this blog post because it will ruin the surprise of having this project show up at your door.

Part 1
It started as a envelope being sent to me, it had at the time being started with blue paint, seen in the envelope, it was a great start, it had the highs lows and mids in color differentiation. The direction I took it is was way different, what i really liked was the rounded-ness of the four circular areas. I developed it to include what appears as green/yellow rustic mountains.

Part 2
this is a sheet of watercolor paper that I started drawing on almost a year ago, then when the paper supplies ran a little low, I started using the back of it as a "drop" palette. This kind of expressionistic, splattering, and movement of paint helped form the back page. The green and blue was a fun experiment in painting because it has been more than a few moments since I have taken the leisure of painting. Why I left the scene I am not really sure, but I feel like this example helped me propel into working with watercolor and ink more...as if this was the straw that breaks the camels back.

Part 3 ( the semi-grand finale)
once i was done painting it, although that process could have gone on for-e-v-e-r... I decided to stop and finish by cutting paper into individual puzzle pieces, and by doing so created my first ever hand painted puzzle set. Final step was putting it all back together, and putting it in the envelope and sending away...

:::side note::: the post office frowns upon this activity, I guess that it is a bit to risk-y for some people.

Yeah go me...and the friends who helped "move the brush around"

what do you think?

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