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I have been researching compost tea a fair amount recently and in order to get my own setup at a minimal cost I ended at youTUBE to see what kinds of ideas were out there. I then came to this design with a total cost of under $30 worth of materials.

My first few attempts at brewing were not exactly successes. I say that because the tea after brewing for a number of hours still lacked the foam that I had seen in many of the videos I had seen. I also did a fair amount of searching to find a recipe that was "organic" and also to costly.

Here is my current recipe:
4 handfuls worm castings
2 tsp humic acid
1 tsp amino acid
1 tsp fulvic acid
1/4 ml sulfured molasses
1/2 ml liquid sea kelp
4 3/4 gallon RO water * dechlorinated is a must

Brew with air-pump for 24-48 hours
Add 1/2 scoop mycorrhizal fungi inoculant before you apply be gentle

Cost of items $65

With a bit more research I came to the conclusion it was due to the added solvents from the local sanitation department, mainly chloramine and fluoride. Which lead me to using the Reverse Osmosis RO water I have resisted thus far as a grower. I can say after a few short days, I can see a noticeable difference. It cost a bit of money, but there is a good reason for it.

I then added it as a supplement to any and all of my plants, to include seedlings, cuttings, mature plants. I would say that the results were noticeable after the first two waterings with a plain water in the middle, you can notice the leaf matter is more green and most every plant shows growth.

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