Sketched-book dealings

This is how I think...I guess.
The closer I get to filling up this sketchbook the harder it is to close firmly and walk away from. The pages have absorbed so much ink, more than usual frustration and water lots and lots of water, let us not forget the tragic coffee spill of the fall of 2010!

The cover is almost entirely covered with stickers and events of pasts, with no consideration to how many miles this book has traveled by land sea and air (multiple missed flights). At this point there is only a handful of pages left without doodles, all the more reason to push harder and get it finished and find the next book to pour into.

My countless hours of thoughts and ideas being taken down on paper, rubbed smudged or ground into the pages of emptiness with no real audience.  ?   Really I have no idea.

8.5 x 11 watercolor, micron .5 and a trusty blue bic pen
That is one of the many thoughts that race through my head when I think about what other people see or think when they look at what I have created. There can be a lot going on at first glance, but after closer inspection, the subject matter can be lacking in lines or shapes with any lasting depth or interest. The simple fact is that lots of organic shapes and simple smaller doodles add to what appears to be a complex web of thoughts. Another un-fortunate is that when this sketch was scanned it lost much of its red and yellow contrast. You could say that it also lost some of its "pop" when the digital conversion happened, but over-all I think you get that majority of thought and idea. Joe has lost his grasp of real. HA!

I have also noticed that there are a few shapes/characters that I draw over and over. This is how I think...I guess. When this type of sketch is started and created I have no drawn reference to mimic or copy. Which goes as far to say that it is not supposed to look like anything. As close as I can relate is is those few moments when I close my eyes and right before I drift off to sleep. Which also explains lots of overlapping. Crazy right?

This sketch and many others like it are never really completed and they did not make it to this stage in one sitting, there are the combination of multiple days weeks or months. I focus when I can and when I make the time to blank out for a few hours. I also tend to use a collection of tools such as ink pens and watercolor brushes. This most certainly adds to the complexity of a sketch but defiantly not adding any points in the 'fine' art category.  Some day...probably not!

Hope you enjoyed this and more like it to come.