I just smahed my all time blogging record for the month of April

Oh well at least I got something in the "books" that I like
Next step is figuring out what to do with it???


Time to get "it" in gear....

I find myself spending more and more of my time goofin around. The weather has changed into full boar summer season.
(a very special thanks goes out to all the women who are changing their fashionable fashions to a more "breezy" look and feel :)
This is great time to be alive, really!!! I have been having a ton of fun...but even if you were to collect all that fun in to the biggest jar you could find, we would still come back to square one.

No drawings.

Even less ideas for drawings.

Sharped pencils.

Blank sketch paper.

You and I back to the drawing board of life, with a big jar full of fun waiting to be opened, but only if we have a few moments of productivity.
So here we are together another week nearly gone by and I have nothing new to post to this blog.
so what next?
...i think i am gonna just talk to everyone i know and ask them what to create...
think that is a good idea???


Some times the "House" goes bankrupt...am I right Bank of America?

Positive energy can sometimes be hard to come by....
Sometimes it comes in many different forms...
Most often it lurks in the shadows...
If you are the type of person that has a finite capacity for relevance in your daily life, keep reading...
There are the kinds of people that do well with negativity and those that do not...
Humor Can Counter-act Pessimist people...but who wants to be a clown?...And how many knock-knock moo cow jokes can one person tolerate???

The long and short of it is sometimes it seems like the world does nothing but shit all over you...so help me Buddha there is not enough 409, WD-40, or Scotch-Guard in the state of Texas to keep you and I clean.

The long and short of it is when the going gets tough the Tough Get Going. I have accepted the fact that I am unable to come "clean". I accept the fact that life can never truly be planned for. But what I do NOT accept is that it is going to be like this forever. Life cannot be a constant struggle, I am young enough, smart enough, and semi-decent looking(boils not to be included in this rant) enough to no have complications with my health despite all of life's stresses...but seriously, throw me a frickin bone here!!!

Can anyone tell me where the silver lining is???


another weekend...another splatter sketch

There is nothing particualrly amazing about this sketch...
I know that is not the best way to get someone to want to look at your blog...but I would rather put something up instead of nothing...nothing is far more destructive. Dont get me wrong, I love destruction, maybe more than I like burning and explosions.


I always wanted to be in a comic book

I have been spending more and more of my time looking at graphic design websites, and various places to find tutorials, templates, ect... just looking at everything. It has been exhausting. Part of this new found motivation is derived from my academic studies, and the other part is sheer curiosity, you know what they say about that....it killed the cat.

oh yeah, and i sumbled upon this great blog about photoshopdisasters...good way to kill some time, it makes me feel better...


a glance at what trouble is brewing @ awsome inc.!!!!

That is right you read it right here here here!!! someone at awesome incorporated, a small creative productions company located in champaign illinois, with branches worldwide, is held under arrest while authorities figure out the extent of this scandalous crime. My un-named informant on the inside of the task force says that the breach included a hostile take over of large amounts of information, and we were able to obtain this one photo. A pretty decent one, considering the circumstances of what was at stake. This is as far as we know the first public peek of drawings for what might become the next brewery label for Darker Than Death Black Ale.

Which I am told is an on-going project for church street brewery, also located in champaign...hoping like hell to have a chance to brew worldwide...
enough of that faux news reporter crap. we all know my magic is made from behind the scenes action here is a drawing that i have been working with for the last few days...
was hoping to finish it and then print
who knows i might move on