Time to get "it" in gear....

I find myself spending more and more of my time goofin around. The weather has changed into full boar summer season.
(a very special thanks goes out to all the women who are changing their fashionable fashions to a more "breezy" look and feel :)
This is great time to be alive, really!!! I have been having a ton of fun...but even if you were to collect all that fun in to the biggest jar you could find, we would still come back to square one.

No drawings.

Even less ideas for drawings.

Sharped pencils.

Blank sketch paper.

You and I back to the drawing board of life, with a big jar full of fun waiting to be opened, but only if we have a few moments of productivity.
So here we are together another week nearly gone by and I have nothing new to post to this blog.
so what next?
...i think i am gonna just talk to everyone i know and ask them what to create...
think that is a good idea???

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  1. Amen brother Joe TESTIFY AMEN alleluia and all that good jazz, I know exactly what you are talking about and I know the cure... Reverend Horton Heat, a free night, good beer, and bad company!