So lately I have been really into baking bread. 

The only motivation can be attributed to a book I recently read  "Invisible Allies: Microbes That Shape Our Lives" It talks about bacteria and the microbes that are everywhere in our day to day life. It is a science that has been around since the dawn of time. There was a specific chapter that talked about the sourdough from the past and how in a much simpler time sourdough and the starter culture that followed were unique. The much coveted strains of yeast and starter culture intrigued me. S I wanted to culture my very own. I did a quick little google search on how to start my own culture of lactobacillus. Here is the link I found to create the sourdough starter culture. Then I went to work. As luck would have it, there is very little work involved in this process. Time is the biggest factor, nature really does most of the "heavy-lifting"

 My results for the first few attempts were so/so. I have had previous experience with dough making and thought this would not be that difficult. I made some adjustments to the "rustic sourdough" recipe I found, if you try it I suggest the same. The beauty, I thought, was the simple ingredients needed to make this recipe. Flour, salt, sugar, water, yeast, starter culture ( fermented flour and water) and BAM! Although I have never been all that good of a baker, with my recent schedule change, I figured why not. Finally I had found a way to 1/2 the recipe and *snap. I believe to have found success.

The following picture is my fourth attempt at the "rustic sourdough". Also I would like to mention that this bread tastes better and seems to last a bit longer than normal store bought.



The Image Behind The Image

To study an image, your first step must be to break down to simple shapes. With respect to drawing quick freehand motions of gestural drawings have always been my favorite. Most formal art training will lead you through a series of quick freehand gestural exercises. To me there is something very free about the quick and almost random movements that is unique to the artist who draws it. Although the following two images are not gestural, or drawn from any figment of real life...I do like the way in which the simple shapes as they have bleed through the page. When doing so it brings a very cartoon-esk feeling to the sketch, which is also another one of my more favorite styles with art.

Until next time, and as always, "Work quickly, and always be drawing" Michelangelo 

8.5x11 sharpie pen and ink 11-28-14 estimated 1.5 hours of sketching

8.5x11 sharpie pen and ink 11-20/22-14 estimated 1 hour of sketching


Sketchbook 2012-2014

Just because I have not been updating does not mean that I am not drawing. Now I have scanned 50+ pages to bring you one giant brain dump from 2012-2014.

sketchbook 2012-2014
Enjoy the ride.


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