The Image Behind The Image

To study an image, your first step must be to break down to simple shapes. With respect to drawing quick freehand motions of gestural drawings have always been my favorite. Most formal art training will lead you through a series of quick freehand gestural exercises. To me there is something very free about the quick and almost random movements that is unique to the artist who draws it. Although the following two images are not gestural, or drawn from any figment of real life...I do like the way in which the simple shapes as they have bleed through the page. When doing so it brings a very cartoon-esk feeling to the sketch, which is also another one of my more favorite styles with art.

Until next time, and as always, "Work quickly, and always be drawing" Michelangelo 

8.5x11 sharpie pen and ink 11-28-14 estimated 1.5 hours of sketching

8.5x11 sharpie pen and ink 11-20/22-14 estimated 1 hour of sketching


Sketchbook 2012-2014

Just because I have not been updating does not mean that I am not drawing. Now I have scanned 50+ pages to bring you one giant brain dump from 2012-2014.

sketchbook 2012-2014
Enjoy the ride.


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They have arrived. It is always exciting to have packages from where ever showing up at my door step, even more so when it is a gem like these new shoes! 


More sketches some ink and some with watercolor.

 To often there are not the words to explain what I draw. I dunno? I start with little happy circles and end up with a mash-up of ideas until I need more paper space. Some days flow with much fluid, as other days are dry creek beds. Even worse is me trying to think of words to explain.

I have added two pictures one with color and some better definition of space and the other, which still has the space but not as clearly defined. I enjoy both styles. Each is a decent example of my random-ness. Both contain quotes or saying I have heard or had stuck in my head while on-going in a drawing doodle or sketch.

One last thing I would like to mention. It has been a moment since the last time I have contributed to this site. I am working on that, I have been drawing, it has more been about the time to scan and reflect on the sketches....errrggghh!!!

So until next time, on ward and upward.