Oil Pastels

Oil Pastel Exercise  in sketchbook
The following is an example of my use of Oil Pastels in a sketchbook exercise. I have had them in my "art-room" for some time now and just last night decided to break them out. My first impression is it was very similar to chalk. There was a fair amount of smudging that took place to produce these results. In the anticipation of the smudging, I decided to keep the design simple.

I however could very easily see this type of design going to paint on multiple canvas. As I was coloring this design my brain would only let me think about that execution. Together it would look intense, separate it would lean towards lame, and empty.

The design took a very short amount of time to sketch out and I happen to think it is a very nice addition to the last 15 pages left in my sketchbook, more specifically this adds an element of depth to my arsenal of skills as a doodle-ist. 

Finally I got to the point where I started to line it with a sharpie. This made me think of the type of vanity used to change clothes behind, and this would pretty vibrant design.
Whatever this little blip encompasses is not important, what is important is that this design was fun and I had fun creating it. And so another time, another space, and wherever we all are in another place...Be well bloggers!