watercolor, ink and more watercolor, and more ink

I am sitting here thinking...what words can mesh together with these watercolor sketches.

Can you find my initials? 
My first thought was " Great! we all need more vulture/angry birds on a perch shooting laser beams at nothing. As for the second page, Bob Ross told me that there are no mistakes only happy accidents so, bam."

My second thought was, I am thinking I have some fascination with trees. I guess that is because they seem pretty easy to draw.  They are always growing and changing shape dropping leaves and growing more, I dont know how many forms of trees and countless styles to drawing them.  Fascinating.  For me one little scribble turns into a few more and then you have grown your own tree. Lets call it a tall one. Instant gratification, and eco-friendly. ha.

Most of the drawing I have been doing as of lately has been even more random and scattered. I know I have made mention to this before, this is how I think, I guess. More so with watercolor finished with ink pen or highlighters. When I squeeze out some color, I like to push it around and blend it together. This is also why most of the watercolor ends up with a brown muddy situation. Joe was clearly not paying attention in color basics.  I also like to cover the whole surface with some mixture of color.  This can be a real bummer with 80lbs. sketchbook paper, which is why watercolor paper is ideal, but I have 6 more pages left and this book is full so I am trying to make the best of whats left.

I also want to mention that these two exercises were the by-product of a recent shopping trip to the the art store, in which I bought a new brush and paint.  There is also a lino print in the works so stay tuned for that.  It seems pretty interesting so far.

Seems trivial and petty to mention but I am told this is what a blog is for, I have discovered I have a thing for pens, pencils markers and brushes alike. Some people have a cup or a drawer with pencils and pens, I have five as my arsenal of drawing or writing utensils. This is true of the multiple desks or areas I work at. Some things are rarely used and others are never used, but they add to just the perfect amount of clutter to my desk.

Until we blog again...