More sketches some ink and some with watercolor.

 To often there are not the words to explain what I draw. I dunno? I start with little happy circles and end up with a mash-up of ideas until I need more paper space. Some days flow with much fluid, as other days are dry creek beds. Even worse is me trying to think of words to explain.

I have added two pictures one with color and some better definition of space and the other, which still has the space but not as clearly defined. I enjoy both styles. Each is a decent example of my random-ness. Both contain quotes or saying I have heard or had stuck in my head while on-going in a drawing doodle or sketch.

One last thing I would like to mention. It has been a moment since the last time I have contributed to this site. I am working on that, I have been drawing, it has more been about the time to scan and reflect on the sketches....errrggghh!!!

So until next time, on ward and upward.