another sketch with a random quote on it


8" x 9" 0.7 Black Ink Pen & Watercolor

 What did people do before readily-available ability to do a google image search for Alice in Wonderland Watercolors Paintings? 144,000 images in an almost un-measurably short amount of time!!! Doesn't everyone do that?
Recently I have been "practicing" my watercolors and ball point pen ink and I have a new found appreciation/love for the people who work with them. I have never aspired to be a fine artist trying to sell work, or compose a gallery styled collection of work, I only paint for my own personal amusement, but the people who have the skill set to produce are really inspiring. The best part is that everyone has their own unique style. These two examples are "my-style" circa 2011. 

Another great thing I have learned to appreciate more is the ability to layout a design with depth in a 2-dimension medium.  Art school teaches you techniques in various forms to accomplish this, but even without formal training some people just have it naturally.  The ability to visualize and then translate is a powerful tool. I am trying to learn through practice, and it can be hard when my brain is in so many other places. Fine art takes time, practice, love, skills, and more stuff I have not even considered.

8.5" x 11"  0.7 Black Ink Pen & Watercolor
So I have been brain-storming some possible names for a title of a sketch book franchise. Here is what I have comes up with so far.
Oohh-dulls of Doodles
Shmorguss-book of Inks
Swirls of Illusion
Life & Doodles
a Drunks Guide to Drawing
My Creation of Imagination
Sketchy and Company
Silly Swirls

One last thing I would like to comment on is my subject matter, to some it may seem as though I am loosing my sane grasp on reality, from others I could consider my skills are going in the opposite direction. What ever it is, moving the pen around is where it all starts. Morning noon and night, or most often right before drifting off to sleep, moving the pen is me flexing my "muscle".   

Well I think that wraps up this editions blog update. Thank you to all loyal blog-enthusiasts.  Until next time.