splash that paint

"It has taken me some time (ok FINE lots of time) to get back into the whole "art" thing."

      I had recently gone on a family vacation where my family, specially my aunt Lisa had told me to show-case my work more often, so tadahhh!
To no surprise the more time I spend with it, or it with me...not really sure? I find that I enjoy it a little bit more each time. The picture shown above is an exercise with oil paint. Again this was not the surface I had intended to paint on when I started, that canvas has a completely different theme to it, this is a little table that holds my paint. Or rather a wine box that grew legs and is now a table, thanks to Matt B. a flat-mate of yore.

Once I started painting on this surface I got to thinking that each of the rest of the sides could use a similar im-prov painting.  Another technique I used was to paint rapidly, and like always use every last dab of paint on my tray. Over-all I am happy with the results, even if it is pretty simple.

More to come...stay tuned!