today i painted.

Today I painted
life can be busy, and moving across the country can do that to you. having and or making the free time to put ideas any and all ideas to paint are wonderful things, when they can happen. today was about setting up shop in a new part of the country and getting to work. I had the privilege of having been gifted an easel as a going away present from a good set of friends. Thank you justin, courtney and dario.
I am not sure what to do with this blank canvas now. I was thinking that I want to make a really interesting perspective of a fish swimming in honor of "super fish"  "One fish to rule them all"
I started with acrylic paint left over from another painting project, and I also discovered a Kona Brown color, which I am sure I will incorporate somehow, not really sure, but I am sure it will come to me when the time is appropriate. 

i painted some more...
looks like i am staying with the super fish idea!
which means that i have been spending lots of time thinking about my fish tank.

"darling it is better, down where it is wetter, take it from me."      -sebastian the crab-

i guess my mind wonders to many places while i paint. to read it has to seem very dis-connected, that is due in part because it is.
what is nice about progress when it happens, you can take notice of change. some change happens very quickly while other happens just the opposite. This painting with oil, it that of very slow change, but in pictures very rapid. huh....

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