"Rock"ober is almost over...Be Ware! The best is yet to come

Is It a Sketch
Is It a Drawing?

When is a Sketch a drawing, and when is a drawing finished? Certainly there are parts to this sketch/drawing that are not as "developed" as the rest, and there for it creates an element of un-complete-ness. But that being said there are some parts to this sketch/drawing that are unique and better left alone before the original idea is lost. So where does that leave us?

As you very well can tell it is photo of my desk organizer/sketch pad/ for work and therefor it cannot be completely covered up, so to those nah-sayers who say it is un-finished, guess what it is going to stay that way, although we only have a few days left in this month...

Next I would like to add that I need/must do some research to the art of drawing faces. This witch is out of proportion and ugly....even more so un finished.
Lastly I would like to add more color to this...so be looking for an update.

"How are dreams and ideas every going to manifest if they never are developed?"

Thank you again for clickin' of me and please tell me what you think, good bad or anything in between.