A collective whiteboard drawing...

"i do think i can draw anything more than a stick figure" troy greggory's response when asked to contribute to the collective drawing

How many people still think this? I say if you can hold a pen/pencil and you have a set of eyes then you can draw. We all drew as children am I wrong? Wasn't is requirement to graduate from kindergarten?

I have taken the liberty....and applied it towards the pursuit of happiness in this case to help other people that may not be as comfortable with drawing and provided a common outlet to "doodle" it out.

It seems like every time that I look at the board something has changed. This tells me that my collective of people are creative people. We create. Not everyone has the courage and interest to run with it. Why not? Is there a fear of being wrong? Missing out on the opportunity to think about something fun? I say boo to all of the above, embrace that creative side, and condition it like it is your strongest muscle, because the more you use it the better it becomes, and who knows what you find out might actually surprise you. 
Get out there are create people.

Thank you to all who have added to this whiteboard sketch...you know who you are!

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