why do we draw the thing we do?

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it can be fun to draw something...color it, line it with ink, and then put it away and not look at it until months later.
It can be a drawing of frustration, creation, hesitation and many other -a-tation.

when that is done it can almost seem as if you had never spent time with that drawing. Only after you take a second glance at the drawing do you recall that time you scribbled for a while and then closed the sketchbook and left it alone, and never thought about that place and time you where in. You were done and over the blip in time. That emotion is on paper and right where it needs to be
This can also happen when you have multiple sketchbooks.

Either way you look at it, i feel as if "getting it out" is not only important but vital to the creation process. only after you have gone so far can you see further

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