Life after valentines day...We Forge Ahead!!!

I spent another evening in a Bar...oh blah dee blah dah!!!
I am really starting to think that I need some kind of psychiatric help...
I am not in any danger of harming anyone, however what I do think is that with the style in which I continue to draw people are going to staring, pointing fingers, then worse of all they begin to wonder, what the hell is wrong with this poor little disturbed boy's mind.

Maybe it is not me who is screwed up....I mean lets be honest, it is a 94.7% chance that it is me who is a little odd but it is much easier for me to cope with if I think it is you....nothing against you personally.

I like to work with color....especially highlighters, and ink. I am not saying that I am unable to learn new trick with other mediums, I just feel as if I need to practice more and master one medium before I move on and attempt another. It makes me laugh when I consider what an idea feels like in my head and when it comes out onto paper, it is almost as if two people are trying to take control of my limited brain power. Might I stress limited. Here is an example, the other day I was working on a design project for way two many hours at once, all the while I was drinking coffee, two of my most favorite things when the phone rang... I picked up my coffee cup and proceeded to say "hello....HELLO!!!" I wish I could say this did not happen but it did, and now I am blogging about.


  1. Dude its all good i dont think you're crazy. :) I actually really like it! The awkward shapes and lines make it much more interesting.

  2. a little more than a year has passed since i posted this article, and all i have to say is what a difference a day can make let alone a year.