Here We Blog Again.....

That is right!!! Time yet again for another blabbering....
This was an assignment for drawing one class, it was fun to create but as far as an image goes there is a whole lot of confusion, depending on your perception that might be good or bad. My personal favorite is the ink splattering, large and small. It adds a certain crude feel to any work.

I did have one person ask me "what is it" I had to laugh, at the time it was a funny question, my first reaction was Your Brain On Drugs, I would have thought that was oblivious...however given that it was during a " critical in-class critique " I proceeded to explain how it was subjective, while some people might think at first it was a really sloppy eyeball that sat in the sun to long without sunscreen and melted, others might think it was ink-splatted drop cloth
. Yet another explanation is that is a black whole with rips and tears, causing the whole world to come to an abrupt and painful end. The real answer is that there is no real answer. For me it was an experiment in moving my paint brush around, and very rapidly, coupled with the simple application of more and more ink and paint until I felt I could add no more. I don't know on what scale I decided enough was enough, I just felt it was time, or it was 4am and I had to be in class by 8am, and the painting needed to dry before I transported it...

I have had this drawing put away for quite a while, and every now and again I like to take it out to reflect on the development of my "style" with ink. You might look at this image and the first style my compare it to would be someone like Ralph Steadman. Sadly I will never be as famous or brilliant as Ralph, Although I have spent some amount of time researching past works, with high hopes of learning something from his long history in creating. With any good artist, there is a period of growth, and if you look at works in a sequence, sometimes you are able to tell strenghts from weaknesses. Also on a side note, I have not been influenced in the drug culture scene in the roaring 60's and 70's, take that in to account, and I am just another dude with ink and paper, and time to kill.


  1. Creepy, so obviously I like it. Also, I had never heard of Ralph Steadman before. Good find.

  2. AWESOME!!!!!! I love this. I like how the red one looks like an eye. Nice description as well!!!! GREAT JOB!!

  3. Dark. rich. depthy.