Some Where Between the Floor and the Celling

Consider this the next time you think about fish........

Close your eyes and think about where you are positioned in the room. Focus mind on your body, and its position, now imagine if you were able to float around as if there were no gravity. Would you not attempt to explore every angle you were able to position your body in, everywhere in your room? Become so fascinated with it you might not ever want to leave your room. I would! Or should I say that I did until I reconsidered what I am, where I was, and what I should have been doing besides daydreaming about my fish in my fish tank. Plus I was hungry and proceeded to find something to eat.

The back story of this sketch comes from my friends at the New Life Tattoo shop on Green Street in campustown, they do their share of sketching to say the least, and their tool of choice for a period of time was a Prismacolor erasable pencil. I personally have a long history with ink, which is why I went back over this sketch with a black ink roller ball pen, but I think in the end you are left with the best of both worlds. Also the light pencil markings allow you to rough out a picture unlike ink.
Last thing I want to make mention of...my favorite part in this image is the fish to the top right of the drawing, not orginally placed there in the orginal drawing, but after I scaned in the image, I had to include it somewhere right?
That is all for now, I hope you liked my story, and reconsider what life would be like if you were afish....


  1. Wow, that's a really cool drawing...pretty nice detail.

    I don't like fish as pets...they die too easily.

  2. I like the fish because instead of starting to just color it all over and not finish it you actually decided WHERE you were not going to finish it. Nice.

  3. I keep African chiclids, as long as I have lived in champaign. The water here is just right, and although I have lost some fish, I also have kept the majority of them alive for four plus years.
    It really become fun when the fish breed, seeing the tiniest fish-ies grow rapidly to stay alive.
    It also helps to keep a large tank, as opposed to tiny tank...which sounds very conflicting...but trust me bigger is better.