Graffiti Style Meet Liquid Highlighters

What to say??
I think my new favorite medium is liquid highlighters, also not that it matters but, the colors of this are actually a ton more vivid, if real life as opposed to cyber-reality...I am gonna try and work on scanning it again to do it justice....
That is how it can go sometime, you sacrifice your quality of content for quantity. This is also how local news goes everyday...but that is a different story for a different time.
I would like to see more of this style of work around town, I am not advocating vandalism, more like trying to be an activist in the city beautification act. Although there are a great many lessons to be learn from graffiti writers...composition, color scheme, and content is only the tip of the iceberg...This form of art should be studied, but also practiced, because with out practice how can you grow better at anything???
As a student of the "Arts" I say that the college I attend takes a more active interest in the local art scene, because there is more than ample display space....do not tell me there isn't....now if the subject matter is vulgar or offensive then that brings about a different argument...another time and another place.

As it turns out I need a new scanner, mine sucks for two reasons,
(a.) it does not have the capability to scan an image at more than 72 d.p.i wtf? this is 2009 right
(b.) the color is gaudy-awful-hideous-insert swear word here-straight up ugly.
(c.) i have to either be at school or at work to scan something, which i guess is not really that bad because i spend a lot of time at both....that is it for the update y'hall
Have a Nice Day


  1. Nice stuff. You know I like the cheapie watercolor pan set by reeves for color in my sketchbook. It has a couple of advantages over color pen, one it doesn't bleed through like pen does (I don't know what your pens are tho maybe you could showem to me in class, second you can mox all the colors you want and only have to carry this one little kit with you and you can find water just about anywhere.