Ode to and Old Sketch Book

Community Contribution Sketches

I learned at an early age in my doodling career that it takes other people to keep your ideas fresh and flowing. This sketch is one in a series of quite a few where someone would draw until they felt they couldn't draw anymore and then they passes the sketchy pad to the left-hand side.

Some of the time we as a group set guidelines to follow, themes if you will. Other times it was because we made no mention of what the end product would look like. A couple of times the only rule was that what you drew had to touch what the last person drew. My personal favorite was setting a two minuet window with the sketch pad, and the person that hands you the sketch book, well they have to think of a word or idea, and then 120 seconds later you had to pass.

Some times alcohol would play a role in what I like to call, "greasing the wheels of creativity." This is more the case with people who don't actively draw, and sometimes their approach and presentation can be the prefect addition to people who do constantly draw but feel as though they are stuck in a rut. This concept is also similar to the types of drawings that small children create, such an innocent observation a child has, so simple! yet so important.

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  1. Great sketches man!

    I really think sketches are be3tter than supposed "finished" works in a lot of ways. You may be even more twisted than me, and that is really saying something. Har Har.