Organic Tree Drawing

Monday January 12 @ The Blind Pig on $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon Night

It was a long day after the first day of classes at Parkland college starting up again for the spring semester. I was in a cheery state of mind, but believe me when I say that it was a long day. I had just recently gotten out of the t.v. station after directing the ten o'clock newscast and had met up with my friend Justin and John. We were just sitting around and BS-ing when I pulled from my backpack my silly sketch book. I say silly because although it is a good source for new ideas, this book in particular has seen it's fair share of road rash...I digress...getting back to how this crazy tree grew it's roots. It started with the organic eyes. My friend John noticed what was missing or what would later become the noise, should be a shape resembling a pear would compliment the fruit-esk looking eyes. Three trips back to the bar for refills and $7 dollars later, this organic image was born. My personal favorite is the rough and crude drawing of the bark on the tree. Another thing to make mention is the more than oblivious guitar embedded into the bark. YES!!! John we all see it, and what is plainly visible cannot be a CIA, FBI or Homeland Security top level dirty secret.
As the evening progressed and the hours until I had to be sober and back on the time clock grew closer, the time effort dedicated to this sketch were blown away in the Illinois winter wind. Brrrrrr! Maybe when I get board and I have some time on my hands I will revisit this page and add little trees as friends, start my own make believe magical forest. So I guess that is the story of the conception of this crude sketch. I hoped you liked it, and if not...I understand.


  1. Hey man, wow ok first... I havent met too many people who were into blues that is awesome. Another thing that is awesome is Chuck P, he is so insane! What exactly are liquid highlighters? it sounds self explainitory but I am dumb. Lastly, I am so lost on your page... but I dont do these blog things very often, that may be why... are you on my team? I didnt catch a name anywhere and Im having trouble tracking down my teamates blogs hahaha!


  3. Pabst blue ribbon night, good one. Great sketch too.

  4. Sweet! I love your art work! Theres so much to see , you just keep looking and find more things to discover.