In like a Lamb.....

One Little Silly Ink Spatter.........
After what seems like hours of staring into "space" it has finally hit me that sometimes "stress" can a dangerous tool. To some people just the slightest little bit of "stress" can make them walk in a more focused path. All the while others are in need of medical care, and super-duper-subscription pharmaceuticals to hold their blood pressure at a reasonable rate just below exploding.

- sub story - i was out walking my dog the other day and a lady who had just gotten of a mtd bus smiled at me and made the comment that my dog looked like one happy little poochy. Beagles are known for their extraordinary ability to hold a poker face...if it weren't for that damn tai thump thump thumpl....and my response to this nice friendly lady was, he is outside on an adventure...whats not to love about that way of life? -end sub story-

Stress can come from all diffrent things, money family, you ocupation, the mail coming at 4pm in the evening, if that kid who walks down my street and throws his garbage in my yard, computer problems, money, convertinf money to euros, you get the picture. So what do we do? Some might say shit your pants and dive in....Eye's Say DRAW. Run like you are being chased, dance like nobody is watching, start a tv show called "when bad ideas get worse" (Property of B.D.P. Productions) Do Something!!!


  1. I love the eyeball drawing. Like you I am trying to get into drawing more and more. I started off in in my first art class about 18 months ago after I had decided that drawing was the holy grail of learning a new way of thinking. (kinda like beer for you) I am taking the photography class right now and it is really great, I have gotten some great stuff in the past 8 weeks, but I still think that drawing is the start of it all and is the best training for any visual art.

  2. I was going to say something very erudite, but my computer informed me that I was running on reserve power. I think that means I have not bothered to reload my bowl.

  3. That's a fantastic image. spray paint, ink drawing and... computer manipulation?