Trying to get it in somewhere.

In a "perfect" world one might be able to accomplish everything they have on their action list before the day is done. In a "perfect" world  there would be enough time to squeeze in an afternoon round of golf, albeit frisbee or the other kind. In a "perfect" world there would be options for supper and after dinner scotch. True story!  Sadly we all live in this world, and there is no such thing as "perfect".  However a recent discovery, at the office supply store, has lead me to a new and improved product which I have enjoyed using for at the very least the last ten years. I would consider this to be near perfect. 
That is Correct! I was talking about the new 1.6mm Bic Ball Point pens, available in black and blue. These pens are soooooo very smooth. In fact they flow so well with ink they come with a protective tip for the ball point. HaHa. I was at the store and I used it for about 3-5 seconds before I picked up a box. Have no fear, I am going back for more.

With the style in which I doodle these pens allow me to not focus on line weight or directions, which has had an impact on the random scattered thoughts that appear in my drawings. There is most often lots of ideas trying to be expressed at the same time. I have said before and I will again, THIS is how I think.  From one place to the next and back again.

This recent purchase has also jump started my recent efforts towards getting back to drawing. I just recently filled my last sketch book, and was reluctant to start the next one.  The past one had been through quite an adventure. This new book is on track to be about the same. 

What you are seeing is the recent doodling with the blue bic pen, and highlighters and or liquid acrylics. Another technique I am starting to understand is drawing faster. I think that if you wait to long to "hack-it" out then your vision and or idea can be mudd-ed. Bang Bang Bang! Move on to the next one.

One of these days I will sit down and embark on what is to become one of my 6-10 master pieces but......not any time soon. That takes time, thoughts, technique, time, inspiration, and probably some more time.  In the interim we can settle for at the very least, doing it. However random this or that may be.

Until next time, may the pen be with you. #life

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