When enough is not enough, but more is to much?

I feel like the process of painting in stages had brought out depth in perspective, at more than one point I feel I should have left more of the rock like formations, instead I covered it up trees.
Thanks to Bob Ross, I learned that there are no mistakes only Happy Accidents. Thanks Buddy!

Closest to being finsihed
One think that I feel worked really well is the color of the background provides the rest of the space within the painting to appear vivid. That was a process early in the stages of painting, where i smeared lots of paint around, waited a day for the painting to dry and then scratched it with a #2 pencil. I like small amount of texture it brings to the whole painting.
I liked what evolved into clouds in this painting. That makes me laugh because of how many times I changed my idea for the concept of the painting.

One area in need of improving is the blending of color. Some of the strongest points are where the least amount of time was spent trying to "figure" it out, as opposed to just "winging" it.  Some colors muted together well, more often when I had a "dirty" brush, so much for the "fine" art cateragory.
 Well that is enough "air" quotes for one post.

One last note, I gave this as a gift to a friend but I did not frame it. I envisioned a boxed frame with all flat black sides.Something to really stand out, so like a 2.5-3.5 inch look maybe?

This is an oil painting in various stages. Painted between April15th-May15th 2010
Size 16x20
Stretched Un-Primed Canvas
Medium: Oil

The photos were all taken with my iPhone, which is not such a bad camera.

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