"Alright ramblers, lets get rambling"

Man-Made "Canvas"
dimensions are variable, roughly 32x40
How many times have you heard "art" be described as a movement, or the expression of movement?

What does movement really mean?

How would you describe this painting to someone who has never seem it before? 

Are some movements more meaningful than others? 

I feel like I have made lots of meaningless movements in my daily motion to get ready to go to work for the day, but is that "living-art"?  Would you pay money to view of "body" of work with crusted toothpaste foam on the side of the sink?

What if it resembled an all-mighty religious figure?

One way to look at all of this is that is was about the "movement" to make something unique, and unlike anything else. The cast of characters, were my two good friends mark F. and justin H. We had really no intention of this being a "final" product, all we set out to make was a "canvas" that was a wacky shape, and what ever was painted on it match the same amount of wacky.

On a side note, if anyone who reads this wants to donate paint from old projects you might have lying around the house, I would be glad to recycle, because that is %100 of the materials used in this project, minus the staples. That took an extra trip to the store. 

marterials used:
est. 10 feet of 1x2
scrap material from old shower curtain
200+ staples to secure fabric to frame
all paint (mostly all latex-acrylic) was found at my house from old projects along with all the brushes left lying around in various places, and in various conditions
wine bottle box spaces
random drywall screws
scrap wire for mounting
estimated time spent on project:
6 hours 34 minutes 14 seconds

I am happy with what came from that movement in time.  In my opinion, I feel like it could have another session of detail, perhaps smaller paintbrush work done to it, all the same color scheme. Although there are parts now that are very captivating,and give a good vast illusion of depth, I think the detail can only extend in what is already existing.

Lets be silly here, what would consider paying for something of this caliber?
or does this repulse you?


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