6-13-11 watercolor excercise

Watercolor, Pen & Ink Exercise 
Earlier this evening I was at a Sushi 101 class at Stir a cooking School the owner/teacher of the class instructed us to not be discouraged at our first efforts, it takes practice and repetition, only then after a great deal of practice are you able to "master" your trade. Other than taking a mild interest in eating sushi I have never considered myself next in-line to throw down on su-chief of the sushi line. Art is the same for me. I am not trying to be the next Jackson Pollock or Andy Warhol or Banksy, I am just practicing my craft, trying to be crafty.
I have drawn as an exercise, as a stress relief, as an experiment to see what will come-of-it, and what have I learned? What style have I taken to represent me? I can say that any good artist uses reference to keep their work fresh, and I am no different. I have recently started reading about a international graffiti project called the exchange. What is really great about this on-going project is the idea behind how it started. One artist who had a passion for lettering said to another, what if I gave you a sketch and you threw it up on a wall. (aerosol art being the medium)  Break out of your shell of comfort and try something new. What an awesome idea! An entire culture of writers coming together to grow not only their skill set but the skills and depth of the art form of graffiti.
We all know that art as a form of expression, but how many of us know how to take that international? Communicate to a group of artist with a respect and understanding to take the medium to the next level. I can only hope to one day be able to classify my art into a category and in turn find a community of like minded artist looking to grow the depth of our ability as artists.  It also takes time and concentration,  a huge factor in why most people don't quit their jobs and make art full-time.
Until next post, and by that I mean until the pen and brush hit the paper, good-bye and good luck to all!

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